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Soft Tissue Laser

The Diode Soft Tissue Laser is Available at Orange County Pediatric Dental Group in Santa Ana, CA 

In recent years, laser dentistry has superseded many traditional dentistry practices, making treatments more precise and less painful.  This newer style of dentistry utilizes intense beams of light projected by a dental laser.  Diode dental lasers can be used to perform a wide variety of treatments, including soft tissue shaping and removal of excess gum tissue.

The FDA deemed laser dentistry to be safe for public usage in 1990.  Since then, many dentists have incorporated dental lasers into everyday procedures – reducing bleeding, anxiety and post-treatment recovery times.  The Diode laser strictly treats soft tissues without damaging tooth or bone. The Diode laser is a very precise instrument. 

diode dental lasers are available at orange county pediatric dental group. visit us today for more information on this state of the art treatment.

Here are some of the other benefits associated with Diode laser dentistry:

  • Rapid soft tissue healing
  • Reduced bleeding during and after treatment 
  • Local anesthesia is often avoided
  • Almost always avoids sutures (stitches)
  • Reduced risk of bacterial infections after procedures (the Diode laser seeks out pigmented bacteria)

How is the Diode soft tissue laser used in our practice?

Laser dentistry is incredibly versatile and plays an important role in a growing number of common dental procedures. Here are some of the ways that Dr. Renzi and Dr. House use our Diode soft tissue laser (this is not a complete list):

  • Pulpotomy--Used to sterilize the pulp chamber of teeth. We are pioneers in this field and we presented our results at the California Dental Association meeting in 2012. Our success is equal to that of formocresol. Using the Diode laser for this procedure avoids the use of chemicals. 
  • Frenectomy--Used to release the tongue (tongue-tie) or lip to help improve movement. This can be done to help improve nursing, speech, or space between the upper front teeth, among other things. 
  • Gingivectomy--Done to remove an overgrowth of gum tissue.
  • Operculectomy--Done to expose an erupting tooth, usually done if it is causing the patient discomfort
  • Biopsy--Often done for mucocele (mucous retention cysts on lower lips)
  • Troughing for crown preparation--Prior to impressions of lab fabricated crowns on teeth. Avoids the need for placement of retraction cord. Patients say that it is much more comfortable. 
  • Surgical exposure of impacted teeth--Usually done in conjunction with orthodontic treatment. 

Dr. Renzi and Dr. House each have over 20 years of experience using the Diode laser! 

Contact us today to see the Diode Soft Tissue Laser is the best option for you!