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We strive for our practice to be “Where Healthy Smiles Start” for children of all ages. Dr. Joseph Renzi & Dr. Karilyn House, as well as our entire team, will help you and your children establish a “dental home”, where dental care is provided from infancy through adolescence, and even longer for patients with special healthcare needs.

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"We love Dr. Renzi and we don't usually love dentists. Both of our kids go there and have for many years. He is great with my daughter. She has severe autism and I thought I would never be able to take her to a dentist."
- Kristy E.

At Orange County Pediatric Dental Group We realize that many children have special needs. Some may be extremely anxious in the dental setting. Some patients may have single or multiple cognitive, emotional, mental, sensory, physical, and/or developmental delays. At Orange County Pediatric Dental Group, we treat many patients who have been diagnosed with syndromes, chromosomal abnormalities, and/or cleft lip/palate. We also see an extensive number of patients who span the range of the autism spectrum (ASD). Often, our patients with special needs also have complex medical conditional and take multiple medications. We believe in providing comprehensive Pediatric Dentistry for our patients with special needs. Our doctors and staff enjoy working with patients with special needs and their families, guardians, and caregivers. We will work with the physicians and therapists, as appropriate, to improve the outcome for our patients.

Children with Special Health Care Needs require regular care to maintain their oral health. We find that routine visits help desensitize patients and that over time, patients become more comfortable with each visit. Patients with special needs can benefit from visiting a Pediatric Dentist who is uniquely qualified and trained. Pediatric Dentists receive extensive training, which is not received in dental school, in managing the oral and dental care of patients with special needs. They also coordinate care with the other medical specialties while serving on craniofacial teams, attending hematology/oncology rounds, and serving on cardiology teams. Both Dr. Renzi and Dr. House trained at prestigious Los Angeles hospitals during their residency programs. At Orange County Pediatric Dental Group, we work with families to help determine each patient’s unique needs to form a home care program that is realistic and that will benefit each patient. As Dr. Renzi and Dr. House are long-term members of Medical Staff at multiple hospitals in Orange County, we can provide care in the hospital Operating Room and Outpatient Surgicenter when needed. We realize that not all patients with special needs can tolerate dental treatment in the traditional dental setting. Orange County Pediatric Dental Group is proud to offer dental care in these settings as a very limited number of Pediatric Dentists are able to provident dental care in the hospital and surgicenter settings.

Please call our office to schedule an appointment for your child or adult with special needs. We typically schedule these appointments during our quieter times of the day to minimize the stress and distraction for your child or adult with special needs. Please let us know if there are any special accommodations (dimming lights, or turning off the music, etc.) that can make the visit run more smoothly. Call us at 714-972-1359.

As a convenience, we also have a General Dentist in an adjacent office, that way the whole family can receive care in one location.

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